Monday, March 17, 2008

Do not think out loud

The fire service can be a great thing governed by itself and maybe a board of old farts that are familiar with the job. The trouble is 99% of us are governed by complete and utter idiots when it comes to what we need. Now that may seem harsh but it is a rampant problem in America today.
I understand that it is very similiar to our own federal government but they all miss a basic concept that they would not be allowed to, in the business world. That concept is , oversight/oversee whatever you want to call it, it just does not get done. When you are placed by the people to oversee an area of public safety you should make it your job to become knowledgeable with that concern and not just vote your mood or those pennies you pinch in your pocket. Our own Chief's miss the boat too by getting caught up in the we will take your job if you do not pinch enough pennies mentality, become firefighter haters and then forget what the guys do, what skills they have ,and how NO other area of public safety holds as much responsibility or training than us. It is bad to FORGET things like that. Everyday it seems the "overseers" ask us to make a new set of jaws out of the dust in the corner of our stations and of course because we adapt and overcome we get it done. Overseer, what did you get done this week,this month or ever? Tell me do you even know the starting pay or related costs of your area of oversight, doubtful! Do you know the men/women who place themselves in discomfort for your comfort, probably not. You should read a book called "First In ,Last Out" by Salka it might enlighten all you overseers. Our guys are out there on the front lines, you should be the support not the hindrance, try harder today!

Friday, March 14, 2008

My Guys

This is just a little prideful rant about having great firemen to work with, it is a great thing!
My guys are like many others I am sure, they get right to work, do not back down, know what they think, put out the bad ones, and are just full of " " you know. Anyway, I thought I would give them a little crap here on the blog because they really make life easy. These are guys that come up with great training and will do what needs to be done. I can never say enough about them because even at their absolute worst they are the best! They have spent the time to tell me what they really think and I would not trade them for anything except a new pair of I do not know what! These guys go get the best training and they are the front line, like when a war breaks out they are there to kill them all. I have the best and the you other guys will just have to settle for the rest.

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Here WE go AGAIN

I wish for us a good year but man it is not shaping up to be one. As many have said , why can we not stop sending guys in for the Mr.Obvious Killers. Let us list a few of them off just in case somebody still is unsure.
1. If there is a fire in the basement do NOT send guys in on the first floor.
2. If it is a balloon frame structure do not forget that fire may be EVERYWHERE
3. If there is a truss do not go to the roof, spend alot of time inside, go really deep inside the structure.
4. What is the occupancy, did you size it up, walk around, preplan it, is it an occupancy or vacancy and you should not be in there because the size up tells you NO.
5. Did somebody radio command and say that they were NOT making headway on the fire and you forgot that could be BAD.
6. Is everyone wearing their seatbelts????
7. Do your guys set up to block traffic at an accident or are you still allowing ignorant police officers to dictate your safety?
8. My favorite , are the retards over at city hall cutting your budget so deep that you do not keep up with proper maintenance of equipment, did you know that kills people, cause city hall does not??
9. You do not TRAIN A LOT!
10. The hose line you pull off for structure fires is too freaking small!!!

Anyway, just a few but let us make a better effort to get progressive and get some common sense on the loose folks! That way we can all go home knowing we have done our best!

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Newbie,Probie,new guy,etc.

It is my hope that maybe some of you newer firefighters out there are actually interested in becoming great firefighters??? You might make many mistakes or whatever in your first few years but take this little note with you and you will go a long way. The new firefighter type I see coming into the service now seems to know everything at six months, no you don't, and guess what ,you never will because the fire service is a team concept for REAL! Always be asking questions and practicing putting your protective equipment on even if you have to do it by yourself because these are the things that will save your rear end some day when you have been sitting around the firehouse and all of a sudden there's a FIRE to go put out. Be loyal to your training, your officer, and your Chiefs and you will do well, no kissing up,that gets you into things you do not want. Remember even when your new,make comments, bring-up concerns, just do not be an opinionated retard about some issue you overheard some other group of crying babies talking about,got it! In the end remember to be there for your brother, when your inside or out, on the nozzle or not, have each others back. Be watchful for the fire is not your friend it is the enemy!

Saturday, March 1, 2008

Awesome Training

I think I mentioned earlier that all firefighters should LOVE training their little hearts out because not training is a KILLER. Recently,I attended some training that is a must do in your lifetime,career,whatever you call it. It is called Breathing Equipment School and has been around for a long time ,also note, you do have to completely participate in this class to graduate, yes ,you do graduate if your tough enough.

I'll just start from the beginning, found this class on the net and noticed it said in the brochure to come physically fit for the class as it would be physically demanding, here was where I laughed because I have seen that before and it was NOT TRUE! in this case VERY,VERY,and also VERY TRUE! It is a RIT, firefighter survival, get to know yourself real well class.

The training is done first in a training tower with no smoke to get you ready in a series of drills for what is to come. Then you get smoke and live fire mixed right in to some hard freakin training that pushes you past your acceptable limits of self preservation. The teamwork that is required also impressed me greatly because there is a whole lot of that. I do not even begin to think that I can do the class justice here but I really believe every firefighter should have to go through this course which is a weeek long everyday all day.

You do drills you know like the Denver Drill and the Pittsburgh Drill and some you wish you did not know like the Attic Drill and the Residential House Drill. After you do these you think maybe just maybe the instructors have a sick sense of humor but no these guys are just some of the best guys /instructors you will ever allow to torture, I meant to say train you!

They are right there to provide knowledge that they grind into you sooo welll that you will remember. There is no question that they have been there and are speaking the truth. If you dare to move your training into high gear check these guys out. North Carolina,

Great News

I've always liked the not so "book" firefighter myself but the BOOKIE does lend us all alot of laughs so I guess that works out okay. The great news is if your new to the service and your in the middle of the great class on hydraulic calculations you only need to remember one principle. This principle of waterflow calculation will guide you safely through the years. It is that sometimes the guys fighting the fire will want more water and sometimes less, the my thumbs up or down rule of water supply. Now when using this complex calculation remember to use the fancy words around the Chiefs like "friction loss", "engine pressure", "nozzle pressure" that way they will feel like you are an "engineer" and that even though no one knows how much water is flowing to be exact they will feel like they do because you gave them the wordiness for comfort. Another way this works is that at a big fire you need big water and a small fire small water. When your mind is filled with knowledge let it leak a little so your head won't swell!