Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Why to always "sound" the floor before you go!

There are definitely not many "always" in the fire service, except that one glaring one of getting into trouble real fast. I took these pictures thinking RIT drill and wow how short a distance it is to the basement after most firefighters plow through this back door!

We need to always sound the floor and not neglect to carry the tool,that will save our butts, for that job. This is a back door and so many factors that might get us into trouble are ready and waiting, the longer hose lay, a rescue transmission over the radio, a fast moving fire, the list goes on. We need to keep the training good so our heads in the game. It is fire season and let's carry our tools, Be Safe!

Friday, October 9, 2009

Some more great thoughts to succeed!

You should try out these thoughts and improve your status as a great firefighter!

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Firefighters on firefighting

Here is a firefighter giving it to you straight, he has sixteen years of experience and is a level-head you should listen to. To be a success firefighters need to take on certain habits or traits that will carry them the distance. Here I will be bringing you a series of firefighters telling you the truth.

Short version of the Truth

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Great video to get your mind back in the safety saddle and remind you of simple truths.

Friday, June 26, 2009

Carry On,You Guys Rock!

Just thinking about the boys up north today and what a sacrifice! Hope they are surrounded with great love and loyal leaders. This is just my little spot to say keep doing your best guys, you rock!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Five quick tips for training

1. Make it hands-on
2. Make it as real as safely possible
3. Make it fire related
4. Prepare for the class
5. Keep doing it consistently

If you really want to be at the top of your game and train like you fight fires then go train with these guys, you will never forget it!



You just really have no idea how great training can be until you go here, if you are a firefighter for REAL!

Of course here is my video offering of the day, be safe keep in touch!

Monday, June 8, 2009


I know that most thoughtful, loyal, progressive leaders truly care about where their people are operating and want to know that they are safe.

These guys follow a realistic system so that this is accomplished and the one thing that does not work is a tag mounted on a rig. You say by cracky that's how we do it, I say you have a dog tag for when they die, that's all.

The way you know is first of all to listen when your approaching or on the fireground to the reports given out. Secondly, company officers should as a discipline radio in their crew location and any change of location. Well we have heard that a hundred times , sure but it is time to start making it happen so that everybody really does get to go home. How do I know where you are, because you tell me where you are.

Of course this also requires radio discipline, let's just start training all our personnel in how to talk instead of letting them learn bad habits on their own and we will see a change here.

You can spend thousands of dollars but until you do this there will only be a false sense of possibly knowing where you guys are and that is not the kind of accountability that really saves lives.

Are you going to have to spend time drilling this into their heads, oh yes you do because our independent nature tells us not to radio anything like where we are because it is a responsible behaviour and we hate that.

This is WHY!!! Rest in peace brothers!
It could happen to you, Today, Think about that!

Friday, May 29, 2009

Rockin Article on Wind -Driven Fires

Here is a great, short article on a fire condition that we do not see often and is very unpredictable in every way. When guys talk about taking a beating inside I guarantee you they are talking about this. I recall a fire that was in a 40mph wind awhile back and it was unforgiving, so watch out for these fires they like to bite.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

The Gifted Chief

You got to love Nozzlehead in Fire Chief Magazine, he is a real straight shooter. This month he is writing about Chiefs who do not understand the need for resources. I call these guys the ones who were gifted their jobs by daddy or some politician who knew they would keep quiet. They did not ever ride an engine for very long or move up through the ranks the hard way so they do not understand much. They know "ALOT" and their people are idiots in every way (sarcasm insert).

This points to a great need for some competent regulation of the NIMS standard so that these types of Chiefs will no longer roam the land seeking to hurt any firefighter they can through "i know better recklessness". A Chief that I have heard speak several times said a most simple thing regarding manpower at a scene. "Take the seven basic steps of firefighting plus RIT and assign 2 people for each job" That gives you a bare minimum of 18 fully trained firefighters on scene. Sure we have all gotten by with less but that does not make it right, or safe.

Governing bodies should be held accountable by the Federal boys to having a certified, competent, goes by standards Chief in every department in America.

Watch this video to see a real Chief and what we are up against, super informed commissioner here!

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Smoke Tells a Story

Your success is my objective and here is one very effective but short video that if paid attention to can save your life and your brothers. There is great importance to keeping important details in YOUR noggin and seeing the big picture is one of them.

Smoke will always be the great deceiver and should be observed with the future in mind!

Sunday, May 24, 2009

The Great Complacency

Ask yourself this question today, am I going to better prepare myself for firefighting this week or will I continue down the road that leads to the greatest risk for firefighters, complacency?

Tell yourself I am going to move forward, run that mile, train safely, take-on that new project, and in general let inertia take effect on my success as a firefighter because i WANT TO LIVE TO SEE ANOTHER DAY!

How many times a shift do you blame someone else for your lack of knowledge or training,count the times honestly and start doing something positive to change that never ending excuse! After all your a firefighter,someone people call upon to take the bad and make it good, you must be READY!

Size This Up

Pulling the big guns out,look at the set-up and the fire-power they put on this one,love the guy who is bigger than the five inch supply line(ARNOLD).

Good Example of putting the water where it needs to go, so many times the nozzleman greatly influences the effectiveness of the firefight.

Drills we need to repeat

These guys got it right, the big picture is we all need to do this to really be ready....MORE often than we do!!