Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Just a Little Truth

I was thinking about manpower again, ya know the kind of manpower we all need is sometimes the kind that is hard to appreciate. I'm talking about those hardheaded individuals that we all have that also train hard and take the job real serious. These guys will call you out on anything, say stuff you would rather not hear, yet when that working fire comes in or a real job needs to get done they will go the distance. These people come out of the fire to tell you what is done not why they could'nt do it. They do not back down to much and that is why they are the best! Firefighters are like soldiers in that they are not always the best at being real nice, it is a battle after all!

Alright! Rollin Out

There is nothing quite like when the tones drop and you just know your going to get to go to work. Ya get out in the bay put on your gear and everybody is repeating the dispatch info and of course adding in a little this ought to be a good one! Your rig gets moving toward the scene and your running though what may need to be done plus the five hundred things you trained on and then your there and there are lines coming off trucks, the Chief is given you a report and when you get in the smoke is to the floor and your hunting that fire down! I love a good day, when the guys roll out to a fire and it all goes well, it is just, Alright!

Monday, April 14, 2008

Firefighter Nation Site

I am finding that this site is great so far and seems to be a good resource of helpful, informative firefighters from all over!

Friday, April 11, 2008

Favorite Videos

First In--Last in Line

That's right, we are the ones your going to call when you need help (unless your an old school farmer type). The firefighters are the front line where anything needs to get DONE! We do not fail to be the first-in to handle whatever is going down because we know what the situation will require from years and years of training and our inherent other job abilities. Through whatever weather or condition we push on so that you will have the luxury of living to see another day.
Firefighters plan for what should be done and when you wonder why your one of these people on the front line it is because you choose to run the distance the hard way. It may seem deceivingly easy at times but it never IS!

Today, all was quiet on our front, how about yours?

Oh! Almost forgot to remind you, your last-in-line all the time 24/7 BABY!

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Vent and Vent

The timing and great need for ventilation is often ignored, due to our aggressiveness and in the long run that habit will cost us. We get in there and go to work on the fire long before the vent happens. If you think you do not do this get honest at your next fire and take a look! Having ventilation that is done well should be like the two-in-two-out rule, it should always happen because our lives and the lives of others depend on it. This is a small part of why the truck companies should be fully staffed and close on each structure fire.

We vent because: We rescue better, we extinguish the fire faster, we prevent backdraft and most flashovers doing this, we can see to do any operation far better, new construction reinforces its effectiveness, heat reduction is key to reducing fire spread.

Remember, ventilation is a life saver in all respects.

Friday, April 4, 2008

Get Going/Up and At'em

It is finally about to warm up folks and while you may have fought a few fires this winter it is time to shake the ol dust off the skills and the recliner. You know the recliner has its positives but that lever on the side , when properly used can do miracles.

Today I am thinking about manpower and the Chiefs that hate it, that's right, I said it, while we bust tail they stand there doing nothing about the FACT that we need some help on the scene for those crazy seven basic steps we learned about in Fire Kindergarten. It is a great thing that firefighters are courageous and hard headed and determined (I could go on but city hall has an ordinance against it) because we get jobs done well that way but give up the pride and call for the help, by the way it won't kill ya. It is not listed in health risks associated with firefighters but it should be and so should the hard headed Chiefs that nobody oversees.

There is this NIMS thing where you are supposed to call for what you need , I never trained on what you could get away with. It sounds ridiculous to say but lay down the guns and start workin together to put city hall to shame!

Let's just talk about one of the steps:Rescue then use your great knowledge oh great Chiefs and tell me what kind of manpower we need for that, our rescue and civilian rescues. If you do not come up with , man I need some serious manpower for that then go home and take knitting classes so you will kill no more! Instead of trying to lose weight , drop two pounds of stubborness and see how it helps! Guaranteed results in the next two fires!

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