Friday, April 11, 2008

First In--Last in Line

That's right, we are the ones your going to call when you need help (unless your an old school farmer type). The firefighters are the front line where anything needs to get DONE! We do not fail to be the first-in to handle whatever is going down because we know what the situation will require from years and years of training and our inherent other job abilities. Through whatever weather or condition we push on so that you will have the luxury of living to see another day.
Firefighters plan for what should be done and when you wonder why your one of these people on the front line it is because you choose to run the distance the hard way. It may seem deceivingly easy at times but it never IS!

Today, all was quiet on our front, how about yours?

Oh! Almost forgot to remind you, your last-in-line all the time 24/7 BABY!

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