Friday, April 4, 2008

Get Going/Up and At'em

It is finally about to warm up folks and while you may have fought a few fires this winter it is time to shake the ol dust off the skills and the recliner. You know the recliner has its positives but that lever on the side , when properly used can do miracles.

Today I am thinking about manpower and the Chiefs that hate it, that's right, I said it, while we bust tail they stand there doing nothing about the FACT that we need some help on the scene for those crazy seven basic steps we learned about in Fire Kindergarten. It is a great thing that firefighters are courageous and hard headed and determined (I could go on but city hall has an ordinance against it) because we get jobs done well that way but give up the pride and call for the help, by the way it won't kill ya. It is not listed in health risks associated with firefighters but it should be and so should the hard headed Chiefs that nobody oversees.

There is this NIMS thing where you are supposed to call for what you need , I never trained on what you could get away with. It sounds ridiculous to say but lay down the guns and start workin together to put city hall to shame!

Let's just talk about one of the steps:Rescue then use your great knowledge oh great Chiefs and tell me what kind of manpower we need for that, our rescue and civilian rescues. If you do not come up with , man I need some serious manpower for that then go home and take knitting classes so you will kill no more! Instead of trying to lose weight , drop two pounds of stubborness and see how it helps! Guaranteed results in the next two fires!

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