Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Vent and Vent

The timing and great need for ventilation is often ignored, due to our aggressiveness and in the long run that habit will cost us. We get in there and go to work on the fire long before the vent happens. If you think you do not do this get honest at your next fire and take a look! Having ventilation that is done well should be like the two-in-two-out rule, it should always happen because our lives and the lives of others depend on it. This is a small part of why the truck companies should be fully staffed and close on each structure fire.

We vent because: We rescue better, we extinguish the fire faster, we prevent backdraft and most flashovers doing this, we can see to do any operation far better, new construction reinforces its effectiveness, heat reduction is key to reducing fire spread.

Remember, ventilation is a life saver in all respects.

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