Wednesday, May 27, 2009

The Gifted Chief

You got to love Nozzlehead in Fire Chief Magazine, he is a real straight shooter. This month he is writing about Chiefs who do not understand the need for resources. I call these guys the ones who were gifted their jobs by daddy or some politician who knew they would keep quiet. They did not ever ride an engine for very long or move up through the ranks the hard way so they do not understand much. They know "ALOT" and their people are idiots in every way (sarcasm insert).

This points to a great need for some competent regulation of the NIMS standard so that these types of Chiefs will no longer roam the land seeking to hurt any firefighter they can through "i know better recklessness". A Chief that I have heard speak several times said a most simple thing regarding manpower at a scene. "Take the seven basic steps of firefighting plus RIT and assign 2 people for each job" That gives you a bare minimum of 18 fully trained firefighters on scene. Sure we have all gotten by with less but that does not make it right, or safe.

Governing bodies should be held accountable by the Federal boys to having a certified, competent, goes by standards Chief in every department in America.

Watch this video to see a real Chief and what we are up against, super informed commissioner here!

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