Monday, September 19, 2011

Back to Training

The priorities of a fire department being so muddied these days makes me think whats always been a priority for me and what I remind people of the most. Training firefighters just as much as we put up hazmat tents and install carseats, etc might be a great way back to being great at what matters. You know there is this tone that goes off while the CSEPP tents sway quietly in the breezes of a long hot day and the dispatcher says, structure fire with people trapped. What are we going to do now boys, the hose aint been off the truck in months and the powerpoints are faded from over use.

Training is the cornerstone of being your best out in public for those of us who still live in reality. There is no way around it or underneath it, you will be lacking in the life or death effectiveness if you ignore it. Training means even if you did know it yesterday, do it again or show someone else how to do it and it should be something real hands on or best information plus hands on!

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