Friday, February 29, 2008

Do You Remember

The firefighter with big britches sometimes forgets in the middle of his great thoughts about that time when he did not know everything and had a working attitude. Do any of you remember when firefighters were tough individuals with a do it all attitude? I do, I just do not always understand in the most sensitive way why we cannot hire some more of those firemen these days. A great firefighter should remember a couple of things that will help like ,you will always have to be up on your training to be great, there are no easy forgiving fires if you really think about it. Your in a life and death business, if you cannot listen to the boss then go work for your own self. Your positive attitude may be the best thing you bring to the job , if you lost it, do a primary search and get it back. Fires do not get put out by fire trucks they get put out by people who love the job, so love the job!

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