Saturday, March 1, 2008

Great News

I've always liked the not so "book" firefighter myself but the BOOKIE does lend us all alot of laughs so I guess that works out okay. The great news is if your new to the service and your in the middle of the great class on hydraulic calculations you only need to remember one principle. This principle of waterflow calculation will guide you safely through the years. It is that sometimes the guys fighting the fire will want more water and sometimes less, the my thumbs up or down rule of water supply. Now when using this complex calculation remember to use the fancy words around the Chiefs like "friction loss", "engine pressure", "nozzle pressure" that way they will feel like you are an "engineer" and that even though no one knows how much water is flowing to be exact they will feel like they do because you gave them the wordiness for comfort. Another way this works is that at a big fire you need big water and a small fire small water. When your mind is filled with knowledge let it leak a little so your head won't swell!

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