Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Newbie,Probie,new guy,etc.

It is my hope that maybe some of you newer firefighters out there are actually interested in becoming great firefighters??? You might make many mistakes or whatever in your first few years but take this little note with you and you will go a long way. The new firefighter type I see coming into the service now seems to know everything at six months, no you don't, and guess what ,you never will because the fire service is a team concept for REAL! Always be asking questions and practicing putting your protective equipment on even if you have to do it by yourself because these are the things that will save your rear end some day when you have been sitting around the firehouse and all of a sudden there's a FIRE to go put out. Be loyal to your training, your officer, and your Chiefs and you will do well, no kissing up,that gets you into things you do not want. Remember even when your new,make comments, bring-up concerns, just do not be an opinionated retard about some issue you overheard some other group of crying babies talking about,got it! In the end remember to be there for your brother, when your inside or out, on the nozzle or not, have each others back. Be watchful for the fire is not your friend it is the enemy!

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