Thursday, March 13, 2008

Here WE go AGAIN

I wish for us a good year but man it is not shaping up to be one. As many have said , why can we not stop sending guys in for the Mr.Obvious Killers. Let us list a few of them off just in case somebody still is unsure.
1. If there is a fire in the basement do NOT send guys in on the first floor.
2. If it is a balloon frame structure do not forget that fire may be EVERYWHERE
3. If there is a truss do not go to the roof, spend alot of time inside, go really deep inside the structure.
4. What is the occupancy, did you size it up, walk around, preplan it, is it an occupancy or vacancy and you should not be in there because the size up tells you NO.
5. Did somebody radio command and say that they were NOT making headway on the fire and you forgot that could be BAD.
6. Is everyone wearing their seatbelts????
7. Do your guys set up to block traffic at an accident or are you still allowing ignorant police officers to dictate your safety?
8. My favorite , are the retards over at city hall cutting your budget so deep that you do not keep up with proper maintenance of equipment, did you know that kills people, cause city hall does not??
9. You do not TRAIN A LOT!
10. The hose line you pull off for structure fires is too freaking small!!!

Anyway, just a few but let us make a better effort to get progressive and get some common sense on the loose folks! That way we can all go home knowing we have done our best!

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