Saturday, March 1, 2008

Awesome Training

I think I mentioned earlier that all firefighters should LOVE training their little hearts out because not training is a KILLER. Recently,I attended some training that is a must do in your lifetime,career,whatever you call it. It is called Breathing Equipment School and has been around for a long time ,also note, you do have to completely participate in this class to graduate, yes ,you do graduate if your tough enough.

I'll just start from the beginning, found this class on the net and noticed it said in the brochure to come physically fit for the class as it would be physically demanding, here was where I laughed because I have seen that before and it was NOT TRUE! in this case VERY,VERY,and also VERY TRUE! It is a RIT, firefighter survival, get to know yourself real well class.

The training is done first in a training tower with no smoke to get you ready in a series of drills for what is to come. Then you get smoke and live fire mixed right in to some hard freakin training that pushes you past your acceptable limits of self preservation. The teamwork that is required also impressed me greatly because there is a whole lot of that. I do not even begin to think that I can do the class justice here but I really believe every firefighter should have to go through this course which is a weeek long everyday all day.

You do drills you know like the Denver Drill and the Pittsburgh Drill and some you wish you did not know like the Attic Drill and the Residential House Drill. After you do these you think maybe just maybe the instructors have a sick sense of humor but no these guys are just some of the best guys /instructors you will ever allow to torture, I meant to say train you!

They are right there to provide knowledge that they grind into you sooo welll that you will remember. There is no question that they have been there and are speaking the truth. If you dare to move your training into high gear check these guys out. North Carolina,

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