Monday, March 17, 2008

Do not think out loud

The fire service can be a great thing governed by itself and maybe a board of old farts that are familiar with the job. The trouble is 99% of us are governed by complete and utter idiots when it comes to what we need. Now that may seem harsh but it is a rampant problem in America today.
I understand that it is very similiar to our own federal government but they all miss a basic concept that they would not be allowed to, in the business world. That concept is , oversight/oversee whatever you want to call it, it just does not get done. When you are placed by the people to oversee an area of public safety you should make it your job to become knowledgeable with that concern and not just vote your mood or those pennies you pinch in your pocket. Our own Chief's miss the boat too by getting caught up in the we will take your job if you do not pinch enough pennies mentality, become firefighter haters and then forget what the guys do, what skills they have ,and how NO other area of public safety holds as much responsibility or training than us. It is bad to FORGET things like that. Everyday it seems the "overseers" ask us to make a new set of jaws out of the dust in the corner of our stations and of course because we adapt and overcome we get it done. Overseer, what did you get done this week,this month or ever? Tell me do you even know the starting pay or related costs of your area of oversight, doubtful! Do you know the men/women who place themselves in discomfort for your comfort, probably not. You should read a book called "First In ,Last Out" by Salka it might enlighten all you overseers. Our guys are out there on the front lines, you should be the support not the hindrance, try harder today!

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