Sunday, June 22, 2008

Gas Yes Gas

The price of gas went up,I'm sure the firefighting community felt it the hardest since as usual all the fearless leaders of the communities said it will be alright we will just make up for the shortfall by taking it out of the fire department budget, I mean after all thats the budget with all the FAT to trim in every city, nationwide. Here in the fire service we are always trying to figure out what to do with our surplus, and it is a struggle when your looking at a five trying to make it a twenty.

Community leaders it is time to find someone new to cut to shreds, and while your at it go to school and learn about the people you have in your fire department and what a fire department does. Federal government, NIMS is sure nice now how about you tell the local governments they will support the fire service or be fined each day like if there was a sewer leak!

Okay ,just a few short reminders for all of us. It is summer, do not forget to drink plenty and watch your self. The construction of homes is very poor and built to kill us quick so watch your back and your brothers too. Resources and people are stretched and short on energy from the three jobs we all work so call for help early,early,early. When your officer tells you to do something do it right then! If something doesn't seem right to you, get out! Have a great week !

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