Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Your Brother's Back

Do you have your brother's back? Do you train like it matters? Do you tell him when he does wrong and encourage him to do right? Do you just wallow in the years you have been on and tell yourself that is what makes you great? Did you spend any time today at your firehouse actually caring about your brothers? Do you learn new things and play like your on a team?

It is time to give your brother a break and have his back! You know cover his every move like it is your own, be honest with him, train hard so you can rescue him if necessary!

And if you were thinking you put your pants on differently than him today, put them back on and remember you are no better than him!

City hall will never care about you so get over it and do something that matters, have your brother's back like it matters, IT DOES!

Do all the little things right, be detailed, train hard, train alot, be READY for HELL!

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