Thursday, August 21, 2008

Live Burn Like it Love it Do it

Fear is starting to creep into the fire service thanks to my favorite people (Lawyers and Judges) but guys press on. In the absence of a money tree most departments can not find training that would match live fire training. There are so many advantages to be gained by continuing to train hands on like this , the biggest being that fires are not coming as much as they had in the past and so the only experiences and familiarity we can get come from this training. I hear the various excuses spewing forth but you are just afraid. Burn with the people who know NFPA 1403 and follow it, this greatly reduces the hazards for real. Set fires that will train others for fire behaviour and intensity, smoke travel, rollovers etc. There is a great group of guys in the Carolinas that are continuing to provide the best of the best firefighter survival training, check it out at Gaston College. These guys are committed to the truth of the toughness needed and the reality of heat and smoke in training applications. New guys can do no better than to search out live burn training if the ladies in their department will not deliver it, be safe and have a great shift!

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