Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Firefighter Readiness

When your your brain finally clicks on in the morning or later depending on processor speed do you say, hey, I might need to be ready for what today might bring, right now!

Firefighters are called to bring under control any event they are trained for or that other agencies are unqualified for and or are scared of, that is the truth of it even though it is spun many different ways when you listen to any media organization. So, that being said there are many details that we need to continually be prepared for and we have to relentlessly remain ready to do through training etc. There are so many details related to each thing that we have to work as a team to be in an excellent state of readiness, because no one man has all the needed strengths to keep an organization prepared.

So this morning while I am finally becoming coherent(possibly) I am thinking we need to lay down the coffee cups and form a habit of paying attention to the details as a group so that we will succeed in all the ways we need to, just make sure today that all your gear,equipment is in a great state of readiness, it will make you and those around you better firefighters.

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