Thursday, April 29, 2010

Who is compromising what? And Your Complacency!

I'm thinking about how our government friends are continuing to compromise SAFETY in all our communities today. The policies they employ in all areas lack one huge thing called planning. It is a good reminder though, that we need to be in a great state of readiness planning so that we can cover for their failures. This means that no matter what crazy out of line cuts they are doing we respond with great planning, that utilizes a team planning approach and all the resources at our disposal.

The governing agencies will compromise our safety with no considerations or education, they will cut our budgets and our people, they will continue to think of us as unnecessary, so this planning we do must be with all thoughts on the table and considerable patience with each other.

Your complacency will be the only thing that will undermine your efforts, so train and train and educate and move forward!!

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