Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Relentless in many ways!

The firefighter has many great qualities that serve the public well and one of these is being relentless. We tire from mental and physical exhaustion but press on to rescue a life , to preserve properties and assist other agencies. Firefighters are so relentless in doing the job that they become taken for granted like we see now with our crazy economic state "forcing" governing agencies to look at cutting the fire service first.

I would like the Federal government to help us out in some real ways like passing legislation that would require politicians to be trained to oversee the services they presently do not and pass tests to know they have fulfilled the requirements.

I think also it is time that all businesses that provide water to the citizens also provide water to fire departments without harassing them. These businesses should be fined daily for not allowing or providing water to FD's for training and firefighting. I doubt that if the public knew that this happens they would tolerate it and it would cause litigation.

It should be a comfort to the public that while the politicians relentlessly attack us we will still stand strong and relentlessly provide great fire protection.

I am rambling on today and fired up about politicians who are not educated...etc.... but watch this to see what will be coming to your town soon!

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