Friday, May 16, 2008

Firefighter Rescues and Rescue

There was a time when ,here in the small city, we barely thought about any of us needing rescue. I think mainly we figured we were tough enough to get out every time even though we knew that we could be wrong! Now that we know better why will the Chiefs not iron out their differences for the good of the firefighters? It is obvious in the training that they do not come to that there is great need for manpower in these situations, yet what we observe is that they are still struggling with the concept of incident command. Firefighter rescues will be for sure the worst moments for us all and there are legal repercussions for commanders unwilling to change, ie: Manlius,NY.

Rescues have to happen quickly and with all your experience brought to bear upon what is happening. They require a thing called automatic aid each and every time so that the people we protect go home and we go home.

Rescues require great communications between those attempting the rescue and command, not just a frantic rush and high pitched radio traffic, although undoubtedly there will be some!

Any rescue will require resources you do not always use, because it is a rare event!

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