Friday, May 2, 2008

The KISS Method

Where have all the get it done leaders gone? Why does everything these days have to be complicated and frankly unbelievable when your talking leadership? I hear all this talk in our service from the leaders and even on the national level it seems like all the big red tape lovers are in charge. Those of you in power, wake up and do something meaningful for the the fire service, TODAY!

Just unbelieveable but again as I have said before , thank GOD there are still firefighters out there that get the job done without the all the bull crap. The keep it simple stupid method needs to rise again.

Everyone be careful,watch your brothers back,make sure Mr.Obvious is close by and call for enough people to get the job done right. Love your family and the family and last but not least, put your gear on every time even if it seems like it won't be much!

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